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TrackBusVision-Smart - All in One School Bus Surveillance System (GPS + RFID + TA + CAMERA SURVEILLANCE)


Ingenios Smart offers a comprehensive all-in-one  security technology for School Bus & Student's tracking and video surveillance monitoring solutions called "TrackBusVision-Smart".

TrackBusVision-Smart offers a low cost School bus video surveillance with inbuilt GPS Bus tracking technology that can equally integrate with RFID card reader for real time tracking  & attendance capturing of students using their ID Card (RFID). School administrators are now able to realtime-track each and every student, bus and view live/history video footage of inside bus for investigation purposes.

Get instant and accurate counts of actual student ridership at any time at the click-of-a-button.

Extra Verification with Smart Video Surveillance Integration:

Ingenios Smart is the only student tracking provider that can give you the added protection of video verification of student ridership. Get visual verification that a student actually boarded the bus, instead of having a friend tap his RFID card by accessing video footage from that date and time.

Respond to emergency situations in record time with up-to-the minute information on student location. Web-based access to student ridership gives you real-time information on what students are travelling on each bus in your fleet, letting you pinpoint a specific student’s location at any given moment.