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Product Description:

GPS container E lock container sealing lock tracker for container locking, and cargo security solution

Breif introduction

IST ELOCK TRACKER is a kind of GPS remote intelligent eseal lock tracker device, which is special designed for container tracking, monitoring and management solution. It is integrated with features of: micro electron controlling, RFID, GPS&GSM, etc. 

Firstly, IST ELOCK TRACKER is a kind of GPS tracker device. It is inbuilt GPS, GSM module for container real time position tracking. It is inbuilt big capacity battery 15000mA, and has intelligent working mode for power & data flow saving.  Waterproof IP67 for dust and water resistance, and it is good for outdoor hard environment application. 

secondly, It is also a intelligent electronic lock device. It help monitor container door status, and keep security of cargo. Device is open by RFID card, SMS command, and GPRS. and it can support muti kinds of alarm: Swipe RFID card alarm, lock string cut off alarm, unlock alarm, lock alarm, geo fence alarm, etc.

Thirdly, Jointech is a professional remote tracking solution provider. We can meet your requirement by special customization, such as: dual SIM card for cross border transportation, different length size on lock string, charge cable, charge base by special design, etc.


IST ELOCK TRACKER is widely used for outdoor mobile asset tracking, such as:

1.Customs/government inland container transportation supervision and tracking project.

2. logistic fleet van trucks door status monitoring and cargo security protecting solution.

3. trailer trucks monitoring.

4. ware house door status monitoring solution.

GPS ELock Tracker - ELock for Container, Tanker, Trucks with GPS Tracking & Monitoring System

GPS ELock Tracker