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Ingenios Smart offers advanced and Intelligent Automatic Parking Management System called "IntelliPark-Smart".  The IntelliPark-Smart is based on automatic Parking Guidance and Information System (PGIS) which is considered to be an effective way to improve parking situations. IntelliPark-Smart is a smart automatic parking management system, suitable for indoor parking space and multi-level parking building. It guides drivers to the nearest parking lot available effortlessly within the shortest time ever.

IntelliPark-Smart Wireless Parking Guidance System provides drivers with real-time indication of available parking spaces.The whole system is wireless and devices communicates with each other via RF communication(470MHz). Wired solution is also available.

System Composition
IntelliPark-Smart is composed of three parts:

1) ultrasonic detector and LED lamp 2) Guidance Display 3) Software.

  1. Ultrasonic detector:- it is an occupancy sensor installed over each parking slot to get the realtime status. LED lamp which has two colors informs drivers of whether a parking lot is available or not. A red LED indicating the stall is occupied while a green LED indicates the stall is available.

  2. Guidance Display where real-time parking information is displayed and continuously updated  informs drivers of overall parking summary : how many parking  lots are available  at each  floor/ zone or  in each direction and which direction  to go in order to find  nearby parking  slot.

  3. Software is used to control all the equipment, collect data and send indication to different  equipment. With IntelliPark-Smart software, one can realize comprehensive management of the whole parking lot.

System Function
1) Increase parking efficiency
2) Increase client loyalty and car park rotation
3) Reduce fuel consumption and combustion emission
4) Optimize human resource
5) Realize user-controlled override or space reservation.
6) Enable comprehensive management of parking lot.

IntelliPark-Smart - Advanced Intelligent Parking Management System