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 Ingenios Smart LLS fuel level sensors are capacitive level measurement sensors. Compared with the standard resistive type fuel sensors the capacitive sensors are completely electronically operated and bear no moving parts, ensuring low inaccuracy, stability and reliability in operation. In contrary to the fuel flow meters, the capacitive level sensors are not embedded into the fuel line and do not affect theengine operation. With the help of capacitive sensors the time and the amount of refuelling and drains can be accurately determined.

The filtering algorithm Fuelmetrix is used to calculate the exact level of the fuel in the fuel tank. This algorithm provides reliable fuel level calculations even in extreme operating conditions.

  • Has no moving parts​

  • Most suitable and accurate Fuel Level Sensor for Trucks and Trailers Internal Fuel tanks.

  • All Sensors are ATEX and CE approved

  • Weather proofing with IP66 ratings

  • RS485/232/Wifi/GSM/GPRS modes of communication

  • Works with Federated Architecture

  • ​Most suitable for Fuel Inventory Management

  • Safe and Easy to Install​

  • Monitors  fuel and temperature levels​

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Theft

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Siphoning

  • Save historical data (7 years) in the Cloud database and is available 24x7​​

  • +/- 0.5mm Standard Measuring Accuracy​

  • +/- 0.1mm Srandard Resolution​

  • ​Automatically compensation of hermal Expansion Coefficient of Fuel/Water

  • Easy integration with data logger through Active Barrier

  • Vandal proof Stainless Steel casing and probe​

Level-Smart LLS - Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor (Wired Sensor)

Level-Smart LLS