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BioAccess-Smart (& TA-Smart)

BioAccess-Smart ( TA-Smart) - Advanced Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance (TA) System

Ingenios Smart offers advanced Biometric Access Control System called "BioAccess-Smart" is a professionally designed state-of-the-art smart technology that works together  with Time Attendance System for any volume of staff of an organization. It is an open platform to integrate well with CCTV and other security systems of IngeniousSmart technologies.

Biometric Access Control system is suitable for high security areas like Vault room, Locker, Banks, Server Room, Cash Office and any vital areas in home and commercial  applications.

IngeniousSmart Time Attendance System (TA-Smart) software can be integrated with any existing payroll software to offer you with automated, system generated Attendance System thereby saving time and resources in recording manual attendance leading to increase in productivity and profitability of your organization.

IngeniousSmart offers range of Biometric Access Control & TA System:

  • Fingerprint reader

  • Vein reader

  • Palm reader

  • Retina Reader

  • Face Reader