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 IngeniosSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Origin OPC company headed by its Founder and CEO Binit Kumar Prasad.

Ingenios Smart has  innovative and highly competent technical partners  from India, USA, Israel, United Kingdom, Luthiania & other parts of the world.

IngeniosSmart has turnkey solution to secure, remotely monitor & control stationary and mobile assets of organizations with real-time online data availability.


We are a team of passionate and committed people driven to secure your personnel, property, premises & assets from some of the most talented, well-funded, and highly motivated adversaries out there.

More than just the right technology, it will be the right people doing the right thing that will get us to a more secure state. And this is why we believe that we are a right “people” with right “technology” company.

With a team of our technical experts presence globally, we are focused relentlessly on helping you gain and retain the edge in business process, optimize your Opex and secure Capex.

We, at Ingenios Smart Technologies, are committed to provide our clients a great sense of security towards personnel, property & premises through automization and real-time self-reporting systems. Process owners can now remotely track and monitor their operations with vital auto-alarms/alerts and 100% availability of data for analytic purpose.

We promise our customers to:

  • Secure their personnel, property, premises & assets
  • Enhance their operational efficiency while reducing Opex
  • Guarantee a quick ROI over Capex on system deployment.

Our mission is to create superior value for our clients, employees and people by being the industry leader in next-generation technology services and industry-specific solutions through leveraging the world’s best talent and global scale.

Our Mission

To be the world's leading next generation technology solutions and services provider Company in the eyes of our internal & external customers, communities and people.

To provide our clients a superior returns on their technology investments through our best-in-class industry solutions, passion and domain expertise of our people, and our global scale.

Our Vision
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