Ingenios Smart offers an advanced solution for "Generator Power Monitoring System" called "Gen-Smart Plus" which is an upgraded version of Gen-Smart Light.

Gen-Smart Plus has the capability to connect to Generator controller through MODBUS/RS485 port, and can read as many engine and power parameters as generator can provide or as customer would like to see. This is a complete & perfect solution for Generator plus Fuel Tank remote monitoring solution, that can save huge operational and maintenance cost of an organization.

Gen-Smart Plus Updates each and every live data from Generator like:

  • Gen ON/OFF & Run Hours

  • RPM & Frequency

  • Engine Temperature & Oil Pressure

  • Power Output Per phase & in Total

  • Load Per Phase and Total Load

  • Battery Voltage and Alternator Charging Voltage

  • Fuel Level & Fuel Consumption

  • Fuel Refill and Fuel Theft

  • Auto Alert and alarm through Mail/SMS/Web platform

  • Unified Web-platform for Generator Monitoring

Gen-Smart Plus

Gen-Smart Plus - Generator Monitoring System

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