Ingenios Smart "Level-Smart MagExp" fuel level sensors are Explosion proof level measurement sensors. Level-Smart MagExp is Magnetostrictive Sensor that works on the principle of Hall Effect which is proved to be most accurate technology for liquid level measurement. Level-Smart MagLight is a Vandal proof made of high quality stainless steel body with IP66 weather proofing. It is an Ideal ATG Solution for Fuel-Stations, Fuel Farm, Fuel Dumps located in highly explosive areas like ammunition stores etc. The system sends information about levels in parameters of time, high-low or low- critical.

  • Available with dual-float model (for fuel & water level measurement)

  • All Sensors are ATEX and CE approved​

  • Available in Wireless and Wired version

  • RS485/Wifi/GSM/GPRS mode of communication

  • Weather proofing with IP68 ratings

  • Works with Federated Architecture

  • Most suitable for Fuel Inventory Management

  • Safe and Easy to Install​

  • Monitors  fuel, water and temperature levels​

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Theft

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Siphoning

  • Save historical data (7 years) in the Cloud database and is available 24x7​​

  • +/- 0.5mm Standard Measuring Accuracy​

  • +/- 0.1mm Srandard Resolution​

  • Automatically compensation of hermal Expansion Coefficient of Fuel/Water

  • Easy integration with data logger through Active Barrier

  • Vandal proof Stainless Steel casing and probe​

Level-Smart MagExp - Explosion Proof Fuel Level Sensor

Level-Smart MagExp

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