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Perimeter-Smart - Advanced Perimeter Fence & Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)


Ingenios Smart offers the most advanced and full range of Perimeter Fence & Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS)System called "Perimeter-Smart".

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the security industry we have provided effective and reliable state-of-the-art security systems, including perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) and intruder deterrent solutions for industrial and commercial applications

Ingenios Smart has electronic and electric perimeter security solutions for industry and commercial applications on a global scale. Our products are at the core of many high profile, integrated security systems.

Our range of security products includes:

  • Zone based Electric Fence

  • Chain Link Fence

  • Barbed Wire

  • High Security Fence

  • Anti Climb Mesh

  • Razor Mesh

  • Weld Mesh

  • Decorative Mesh

  • Floating Barrier

  • Rapid Deployment Fence

  • Radar based Virtual Perimeter Fence System etc.