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Ingenios Smart offers a comprehensive and latest technology for School Management and remote monitoring solutions called "SchoolTrack-Smart". SchoolTrack-Smart is the advances version of SchoolTrackBus-Smart that includes all features to provide safe and secure environment while transportation as well as in school for students, and make the school operations much professional and easier for school staff and parents.

Almost every campus is looking to safeguard their campus environment protecting campus from cheating or to provide a safer campus environment.

Ingenios Smart Technologies can help you to make your campus environment safer using latest technologies. We are offering end to end solutions for Schools and Education sector. We can also provide tailor made solutions, customized based on your needs. The solutions we provide can be installed from primary school to Adult education. Ingenios Smart is partnered with world class manufacturer for devices for its hardware solutions required for any access control, tracking or attendance management solutions. Our expertise will make sure the system is integrated well with your legacy system reducing the cost and time needed to get your program up and running.

Salient Features of SchoolTrackSmart:

  • Online Real-time information about student & Vehicles

  • School Bus and Route Management

  • Pick-up and Drop Management

  • School staff, student, Driver and Bus Assistant Management

  • Web/Tablet/Smartphone Application for School admin and Parents

  • SMS Alerts and Notifications for parents

  • Online Bus OSD for informative audio announcement by School Admin for students while on transit

  • Various type of Management Information System (MIS) with Email scheduling

  • Alerts: Overs-peed, Rough driving, Dropped at wrong location, picked from wrong location, student not boarded, student/teacher-present/absent and many more...

  • Automatic Vehicle speed limiter (Optional) - Driver cannot drive the bus beyond a certain speed limit set by school admin and in line with the Indian Govt. traffic norms for school bus to ensure student's safety.

SchoolTrack-Smart - Advanced School Management System [GPS + RFID + TIME ATTENDANCE (TA)]