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Level-Smart MagSeal

Level-Smart MagSeal - Theft Proof Fuel Level Sensor (Memory Integrated Floats)

 Ingenios Smart Marine Application range of Fuel Level Sensors are breakthrough technology allows automatic monitoring of fuel level volume in storage tanks. Level-Smart MagSeal is Magnetostrictive Sensor that works on the principle of Hall Effect which is proved to be most accurate technology for liquid level measurement. Level-Smart MagSeal is most suitable for Fuel Boats, Vessels and Barges. It has stainless steel cover all around the probe covering floats inside to minimize fuel waves' motion inside tanks. It is a Vandal proof made of high quality stainless steel body with IP67 rating. It has memory integrated floats to buffer fuel-level in its memory when net communication signal is weak or no signal at all in Marine Applications during off-shore. Sensor sends all stored data to server once the net-communication restored.

It is an Ideal ATG Solution for Fuel Barges, Boats & Vessels Tank etc. The system sends information about levels in parameters of time, high-low or low- critical.

  • Available with dual-float model (for fuel & water level measurement)

  • All Sensors are ATEX and CE approved​

  • RS485/Wifi/GSM/GPRS mode of communication

  • Weather proofing with IP68 ratings

  • Works with Federated Architecture

  • Most suitable for Fuel Inventory Management

  • Safe and Easy to Install​

  • Monitors  fuel, water and temperature levels​

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Theft

  • Monitor and Alerts for Fuel Siphoning

  • Save historical data (7 years) in the Cloud database and is available 24x7​​

  • +/- 0.5mm Standard Measuring Accuracy​

  • +/- 0.1mm Srandard Resolution​

  • Automatically compensation of hermal Expansion Coefficient of Fuel/Water

  • Easy integration with data logger through Active Barrier

  • Vandal proof Stainless Steel casing and probe​