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Information Kiosk

Ingenios Smart  INF-Kiosk

INF-Kiosk is useful for Customer to access   the web Portal  through online and customise application.

INF-Kiosk works in (online  / offline) mode.

Screen Size range 17” ~ 65”

INF- Kiosk helps customer to see their information like;•Accessing  information related to organization, payment system,  Student information, Queue management, weekly & monthly Report.

  • Standalone kiosk can be placed in an open area & works 24x7x365 days

Employee Information Kiosks

  • On-demand printing / signing of HR forms and pay records cuts administration, distribution, and printing costs.

  • Eases training and managerial costs by presenting automated employee training, scheduling requests,  and other routine managerial activities Hiring process.

​Standee Kios

Standee kiosk is useful for visitor to seek information of Ongoing Event online / offline mode.

  • Visitor can fill registration for the event.

  • Used to perform activities in Ongoing event, showcasing video / pictures when screen is in Idle mode.

  • Kiosk can be used as digital signage

Information Kiosk