Quality-Smart is designed and built with the most advanced and  versatile technology that seamlessly measures Density, Viscosity and Dielectric constant (DVD) plus temperature with Level and water interface of Fuel, and sends measure sample to Local and/or web-server at regular interval. Customers have full access to their Soft-Smart account to view and analyse fuel quality at real-time and online from anywhere.

Quality-Smart System works as faderated/stand-alone Fuel Quality System with an integrated TUNING FORK sensor that directly and simultaneously measures the Density,Viscosity, Dielectric constant and temperature.

Relying on patented tuning fork technology, the sensor monitors the direct and dynamic relationship between multiple physical properties to determine the quality, condition.

  • Fully integrated into the console

  • Integrated and Standalone options available

  • (PC or Laptop required)

  • Feedback on Fuel Quality

  • Fuel Density displayed

  • Stand alone option consisting of:

    -Quality-Smart with FQS optio

    -USB interface for PC/Laptop

  • Sensor options:


     -In tank option


Smart & Innovative

Quality-Smart - Fuel Quality Sensor (DVD)