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SchoolTrackBus-Smart - Advanced School Bus & Student's Tracking Solution (GPS + RFID)

Ingenios Smart offers a comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology for School Bus & Student's tracking and remote monitoring solutions called "SchoolTrackBus-Smart".

The system is designed especially for schools & education sector to monitor its transportation services and students. Once the student is picked up from their location, it is School responsibility to safeguard their students. SchoolTrackBus-Smart system can give you the solutions which will help you to track your bus as well as your students in second’s interval. The system will replace school Identify card to RFID card which will hold all necessary details regarding the pupils which will be read time to time using GPS and updated through the network to our servers. Our powerful RFID tag reader will read the information even from 50 meter (optional) distance. We make sure the data is picked from School Bus and School Gate, for the better clarity on attendance and tracking.

Automatic Vehicle speed limiter (Optional) - Driver cannot drive the bus beyond a certain speed limit set by school admin and in line with the Indian Govt. traffic norms for school bus to ensure student's safety.

Advantages of school bus solutions

  • Real time track of school bus on Desktop/Startphone/iOS

  • Bus arrival time notification, delay notification

  • Track current location of bus using mobile or website

  • Start time and End time log for each bus

  • Route allocation, optimized route and History play back

  • Alert functionality based on delay or idle

  • SMS notification prior to reach your bus stop

  • Real time attendance from Bus and School Gate

  • Real time notification if a student leave early from school

  • Real time notification on traveling hours or dropped in wrong places

  • Notification options for parents/ School management by Email or SMS

  • Reports on attendance

  • Detailed Report of School bus including Fleet details, Speed, Fuel used and maintenance etc.