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MilkTrack Module is Ingenios Smart's most advanced, Revolutionary & Cost Effective GPS Based Milk Delivery Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring & Management System that answer below questions:

  • Is my milk tanker on correct route ?
  • ​Has my milk tanker collected milk from all collection points ?
  • ​Is my milk tanker reaching to collection points on time ?
  • ​How much time it takes to collect milk from all points ?
  • ​Is there any unplanned stop on collection route ?
  • ​How many times tanker door opened/closed ?
  • ​Has my milk tanker missed any collection point ?

IST's MilkTrack Module Provide many information like:

All your Milk Tanker’s current activity with detailed information like:

•Milk Tanker Location
•Milk Tanker Speed
•Distance Covered
•Running Duration
•Idle Duration
•Parking Duration
•Number of Alerts
and many more…

All your Milk Tankers on single screen with detailed information like:

•Milk Tanker Location
•Milk Tanker Speed
•Travelled Kilometer
•Traveling Time
•Odometer (Km)
•Ignition Status
•Battery Status
•Door Status
•AC Status
•and many more…

Trip playback for all your Milk Tankers with detailed information like:

•Total Collection Points
•Collection Point Location
•Unplanned Stoppage
•Wrong Route Selection
•Missed Collection Points
•Milk Collection Time
•Milk Tanker Speed
•Travelled Kilometer
•Traveling Time
•and many more…

Large variety of alerts like:

•Milk Collection Trip Start
•Milk Collection Trip End
•Reached Collection Point
•Depart From Collection Point
•Unauthorized Halt
•Delay At Collection Point
•Milk Route Deviation
•Missed Collection Point
•and many more…

Trip Summary will give me complete overview of my particular trip. If driver is doing any unusual behavior then we can easily track this information from Milk Trip Summary. Detailed information for Milk Trip Summary is given below:

•Vehicle Name
•Driver Name
•Start Location
•Start Time
•End Location
•End Time
•Travelled Kilometer
•Vehicle Average Speed
•Vehicle Max Speed
•Route Violation
•No. of Alert
•Playback of Trip

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MilkTrack - A comprehensive Milk Delivery Vehicle Management System