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Speed Governor

Ingenios Smart Advanced Speed Governor with tracking unit called "Speedo-Smart" consistently monitors vehicle’s speed and limits the speed to a pre-set point in order to ensure the compliance with road safety directives, while the embedded tracking system  captures real-time vehicle information using GPS (Global Positioning system) and transmits it over GSM/GPRS network to the Web Server. Web-Users can track and monitor their vehicles from anywhere in the world.
It is very useful for those users who want to streamline the process in terms of managing & tracking their fleet.

Speedo-Smart offers features like:

  • Monitors and Limits the vehicle speed to a preset mile or kilometre per hour

  • Real-time tracking of fleet location, speed, alerts/warnings

  • Immobilizing the engine remotely based on preset conditions

  • Track the route travelled by each fleet with details on speed and time. Maintain historical data of fleet travel route, speed & distance travelled

  • Alert notification via SMS/email when fleet enters /exits a pre-defined zone (geo fence), over-speeding, fleet waiting in unspecified location for long time through configurable rule engine

  • Configurable parameters on access rights for each user, SMS /email recipients, escalation matrix, role and privilege management for individual application user

  • On Demand Tracking (as and when required).

Speed Governor - Advanced Speed Limiter with Tracking device