Mile-Smart - Vehicle Mile/Run-Hour Advanced logging device


Smart & Innovative

Ingenios Smart Advanced Mile/Run-Hour logger called "Mile-Smart" consistently monitors and records vehicle’s mile and engine run hour and transmit data to Fuel Management system at the re-fuelling station to provide a customer comprehensive chart of fleet operations cost including mileage of the vehicle.

Mile-Smart is Vehicle Maintenance Tracking system, works alone or in conjunction with all Ingenios Smart fuel management products.

Mile-Smart transmits vehicle miles and engine hours with no user intervention. The vehicle miles and hours can easily be shared with third-party accounting and maintenance software.

Preventive maintenance such as changing oil / oil filters and tires does save on fleet operation and provides better customer service. In addition, knowing the vehicle miles and hours reading while refuelling provides mileage per gallon calculation and thus presents a complete overview of your fleet’s main expenses: fuel and tires.