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Intruder-Smart - Advanced Intruder Alarm with Access Control System

Ingenios Smart offers advanced cutting edge Intdruder Alarm System called "Intruder-Smart".  From a single office unit to multi-tenanted business premises and office blocks, IngeniousSmart offers a wide range of products to fulfill every budget and conceivable requirement. We provide Supply, professional installation and maintenance of high quality intruder alarms system with optional integration with Access Control, CCTV systems and Security Lighting.

An intruder alarm can either be an essential requirement or provide an additional safeguard and peace of mind that your property is safe and protected. Ingenios Smart Intruder alarms are installed to suit your home’s and commercials needs. With multiple codes for family, friends and employees, you can control who can enter your premises. If you have pets that need to access certain areas, this can be built into the alarm system at the design stage.

Our domestic and commercial systems are high quality and provide home & commercial owners with the security they require, at an affordable and realistic cost.

Our radio systems are wired/wireless with a wide range of Motion Detectors and Door Contacts i.e Pet Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Hand Held Radio Personal Attack Buttons, Hand Held Key Fobs to allow setting of the System, Integrated Speech Dialer, and A built in Digital Communicator where monitored Grade 2 Systems are required (Keyholder and Police response).

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of opportunity crime

  • Event case auto dial to property owner and area police station (optional)

  • Savings on insurance premiums (if regularly maintained)

  • Peace of Mind