Fuel-Smart (Mobile) - Fuel Management System for Mobile Tankers and Paddler Trucks

Fuel-Smart (Mobile)


Fuel-Smart - Functionality

Ingenios Smart range of Fuel Management Systems are breakthrough technology allows automatic monitoring and control of fuel dispenser transactions and authorizations.

Fuel-Smart is the fleet and fuel management tool for the business that is serious about cutting cost, eliminating fraud , effectively managing fuel reports and consumption.

Fuel-Smart is the most advance and cost effective fuel management system. The ease of installation and ability to communicate with our Data-Smart device makes the difference using technological innovations and easy process. With our new expansion capabilities, you can now see how technology and experience work together

  • Utilizes the most advance technology, able to be programmed “Over the Air”  thus no programming accessories needed

  • Built-in self-diagnostics

  • Robust weather-proof design for all Industries applications

  • Works with wireless RFID vehicle identification tag for auto authorization, control and monitoring.

  • Payment options with Magnetic/Mifare/RFID cards.

  • Can easily be integrated with existing POS/Payment terminals

  • Complete control and comprehensive security over fuel dispensers and fuel dispensed.

  • State Of the Art RF/GPRS/GSM/LAN/WiFi communications

  • ECM data (OBD) port interface for real-time maintenance and vehicle computer data acquisition (odometer, engine hours, idle time, engine error codes, Fault Indication, RPM, Throttle, Engine Temperature, Fuel Consumption and many more)

  • Point One is fully integrated with our base gate control unit.

  • Extensive reduction in maintenance, mechanic time and labour.

Fuel-Smart - Fuel Station Management

Smart & Innovative

Fuel-Smart - Functional Architecture at Fuel Station with Fleet control

Fuel-Smart(Mobile) is an End-to-End Fuel Management & Fuel Accountability Solution for Mobile tankers and Paddler trucks. This is a wireless technology works on RF/WiFi/GPRS to establish seamless communication with Ingenios Smart Peripheral devices and transfer data to web-server.  Web-Server processes received data and make them available real-time and online at customers desk and mobile through a Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Fuel-Smart (Mobile), our Wireless Fuel Management System, can be placed directly onto a mobile fuel tanker. Fuel Shield will track accurate fuel dispensing from a mobile shield tank with NO HUMAN INTERVANTION

Fuel-Smart (Mobile) is the fleet and fuel management tool for the business that is serious about cutting cost, eliminating fraud , effectively managing fuel reports and consumption.

Fuel-Smart Controller is designed and built with the most advanced and  versatile technology that has the open standard protocols to converge with wireless and wired technologies to suitably accommodate the site infrastructure of Stainless Steel casing and probe​.

Fuel-Smart works in conjunction with RFID vehicle identification tag and wireless or wired transponder to authorize and control the fuel dispensation on a specific or fleet of vehicles. While refilling, nozzle is inserted in the tank inlet, the RFID transponder installed on the nozzle  comes in proximity with RFID tag (that is installed on the inlet neck of the vehicle fuel tank) and reads vehicle  information saved on the vehicle tag. Transponder, then sends data to Fuel-Smart controller for the authorization of fuel type & fuel quantity to be dispensed. Customer has the full access to web-smart software for online real-time Inventory, monitoring and control with history  data for analysis purpose. As soon as the nozzle is removed from the tank inlet, system cut-off the dispensation.

Fuel-Smart also works integrated with Data-Smart installed on the vehicle. Data-Smart simultaneously sends vehicles health and engine parameters data to Fuel-Smart and Web-Server for the customers to have complete End-To-End monitoring & control of their Fleet & Fuel.

Fuel-Smart is retrofit controller for the  previous version of fuel dispensers with mechanical flow-meter and counter.Fuel-Smart makes the Fuel Stations fully automated without needing of fuel attender, as the driver can refuel their vehicle without any risk of fuel pilferage.