Smart & Innovative

Sonali Banerjee - Executive Director

Binit Kumar Prasad - Founder & CEO

Binit Prasad is dynamic, results-oriented & highly competent with 16+ years of experience, across various countries & multiple industries leading worldwide in Automated Fuel Management Systems, IBMS, Security & Environmental monitoring Solutions, Remote Site Management, Power Management, RFID based solutions, Fire-Safety & Infrastructure, Remote Tracking & Monitoring etc...
He is an Electronics & Communication Engr. from Bangalore University. His strength lies in new venture creation, costing, project planning & execution, technical advisory, cost analysis, operations & maintenance, research & development. He specializes in designing of innovative methods and strategies right from budgeting, contracting, project structuring. He has achieved high level of success in corporate Industries,  been involved in Business Development, Business Continuation Plan including Training and Development in automation and integration verticals.

He rose to the level of Group Vice-President at Simplytrak group of companies - Lagos, Nigeria, wherein he spearheaded engineering and technical operations of the group, and remarkably put his painstaking efforts to bring the group at the new heights of success.

After winning confidence of many reputed employers across the world, he has decided to contribute his expertise and experiences in the advancement of India by launching his own venture with the vision of  "To be the world's leading next generation technology solutions and services provider Company in the eyes of our customers, communities and people"

Sonali Banejee is young, enthusiastic, ambitious & self motivated personality that infuses dynamism in the organization.  She is a graduate with excellent organizational skills and vast experience in HRD, Admin & CS in India and Kuwait. Ms Sonali known in the industry for her innovative approach and out-of-box thinking. Ms Sonali knows the art of managing people by leveraging diversity and motivating them to perform their best. She is a CSR expert and has envisaged and successfully executed campaigns in Kuwait.

She has a broad Information Technology background with willingness to learn and contribute true worth. She is a diehard entrepreneur, involved in managing the operations of organization and provides leadership to HR, CS and Administration verticals. She is also looking into the promotion of CSR.

She is providing her valuable knowledge to the company by actively participating in strategic operation specifically in the new projects development.