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IBMS-Smart - Integrated Building Management System


Ingenios Smart Converged the solutions in a single platform called "IBMS-Smart", the Integrated Building Management System. Ingenios Smart is expertise in the designing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of multidisciplined systems. We are recognized throughout the industry as a systems integrator, providing the latest control technology to our customers, with a dedication to excellence, quality, after sales service and maintenance.

The building automation and controls installed by Ingenios Smart incorporate the very latest technology to create controlled environments for work and leisure.  Typical control functions for building and energy management includes:

Maximize Building Efficiency
It takes more time and resources to manage stand-alone applications and separate monitoring and control systems. We can help you integrate disparate Ingenios Smart and third-party systems and technologies to deliver an enterprise-wide view of your entire building. Through an automated building control process, you can improve performance and operational efficiency, as well as increase the ROI of your systems over the entire building life cycle.
We can help you do this with streamlined processes and advanced technologies for:

Energy management
HVAC retrofit
Fire detection systems  
Access control system

Our building automation control systems manage and monitor environmental conditions, energy management, lighting and power, and provide an integrated platform for fire and security systems, CCTV and other disparate building systems.