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Bulk SMS Service

Ingenios Smart Technologied (IST) provides a Tool through which you can send the promotional or transactional SMS or text message in large numbers, without having to make use of any mobile phone or any such device. The simple messages are designed to promote any product or services, which are then sent to mobile phones. The device runs on an interface, where you make use of the internet to send the messages, which then lets you connect to a large group of audience. Through us, you will get access to a system that is easy to use and operate. The inbuilt security is adequate and provide you the discretion to send the SMS, without much of any hassle.

The system is efficient and cost effective. Besides letting you save on the budget, it ensures that you do stand to earn more, without worrying much about other constraints. The short and crisp SMS are meant to address your concerns. By and large, we want to put you in a position, wherein you are not anymore required to worry about your competitors.