Ingenios Smart offers a comprehensive cutting edge solutions for Remote Site Management called "Remote-Smart". Remote-Smart delivers solutions for Holistic Infrastructure Management that optimizes efficiency by reducing infrastructure and operations costs, while raising company’s profitability.

Customers are now able tomonitor and analyse the performance of each parameters at their remote site/s and proactively alrts about the fault and abnormalities in operations. This is most suitable solutions for monitoring nationwide Bank branches, ATM centers, Telecommunication tower, server room. It works as standalone as well as in federated architecture.

Remote-Smart offers following benefits:

  • Real time metrics

  • Real time SLA monitoring and management

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • 3rd Party equipment - One Platform

  • Equipment valuation and rating

  • Vendor valuation and rating

  • Contract real time follow up

  • Cost reduction of main resources

  • Energy cost

  • Fuel cost

  • Technician cost

  • Security cost Meeting and beating KPI’

  • Actual billing and less conflicts

Smart & Innovative

Remote-Smart - Advanced Remote Site Management