Ingenios Smart "Level-Smart Radar Series" fuel level transmitters are Radar based level measurement sensors for massive tank applications. Level-Smart Radar Series is a Vandal proof made of high quality  steel body with IP67 weather proofing. It is an Ideal ATG Solution for Fuel Farm, Fuel Dumps  with massive tanks etc. The system sends information about levels in parameters of time, high-low or low- critical.

  • All Sensors are ATEX and CE approved​.

  • System monitors temperature and eater level parameters inside tank

  • Accuracy: Highest accuracy with custody transfer approvals, including OIML R85: 2008 certificate.

  • Safety: Certified and approved for SIL2 and optional SIL3 applications (in compliance with IEC 61508-2 and
    IEC 61508-3). This gauge is certified for SIL2 and SIL3, making it the most reliable gauge ever.

  • Reliability: The Radar Level gauge comes with another unique feature of 2-in-1 when specified; In this case it will have two independent electronic units that work in redundancy simultaneously. This
    feature saves the cost of purchasing two independent gauges per tank.

  • Efficiency: The system is a 2-wire low voltage (intrinsic safe) Tankbus; this makes it cost efficient and simple and safe to install.

  • ​The Level-Smart Radar Tankbus is based on an open industry standard, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, which allows integration of any device​ supporting this communication protocol. Moreover, the emulation capability enables step-by-step modernization of a tank farm, from level gauges​ to control room solutions. The system can also connect to host systems via Modbus, OPC, IEC62591

  • It is safer both at system start-up, and in operation

  • Installation is quicker and easier due to less cabling

  • It is possible to install without using conduits

Smart & Innovative

Level-Smart Radar Series

​​Level-Smart Radar Series - Radar Fuel Level Transmitter