HR/Employee Kiosk Solutions

In many manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and government job settings, easily 30-40% of employees and the majority of the contract labour workforce don’t have regular computer access to use HR Self Service.

Many don’t have bank accounts either.

For Temporary Labour workforce, HR / Payroll has tremendous workload to dispense salary either by cash or by bank transfer. 

Why HR Kiosks?

  • Ingenios Smart's Salary Dispensing Kiosk’s touch screen interface simplifies company information access for less computer-savvy employees.

  • It reduces the  Efforts of HR / Finance Department of organization in distributing the salary.

  • Employees can withdraw salary without having to leave Production Unit or Shop floor so that Factory / Organization Production is not hampered.

Free Standing Self Service Kiosk  

  • HR kiosks offer self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those not located near an HR office.

  • Useful for Dispensing salary of Temporary / Contract / Labour workforce in the Organization.•Very useful in organizations where salary is distributed through cash.

  • Provision for Employee to collect his payslip.

  • Level 3- Security Feature of Cash in Salary Dispensing Machine

  • Kiosk solutions provide API integration with all major HR platforms, including ADP, Oracle, Lawson, PeopleSoft, and SAP​

Smart & Innovative

HR/Employee Kiosk