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Fuel-Smart(Mobile) is an End-to-End Fuel Management & Fuel Accountability Solution for Mobile tankers and Paddler trucks. This is a wireless technology works on RF/WiFi/GPRS to establish seamless communication with Ingenios Smart Peripheral devices and transfer data to web-server.  Web-Server processes received data and make them available real-time and online at customers desk and mobile through a Customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Fuel-Smart (Mobile), our Wireless Fuel Management System, can be placed directly onto a mobile fuel tanker. Fuel Shield will track accurate fuel dispensing from a mobile shield tank with NO HUMAN INTERVANTION

Fuel-Smart (Mobile) is the fleet and fuel management tool for the business that is serious about cutting cost, eliminating fraud , effectively managing fuel reports and consumption.

Fuel-Smart (Mobile) - Fuel Management System for Mobile Tankers and Paddler Trucks

Fuel-Smart (Mobile)