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Ingenios Smart Technologies (IST), founded by CEO Binit Kumar Prasad, offers it's vast experiences worldwide in M2M Integrated podium of most advanced, energy efficient, cost effective, scalable & flexible technologies, and proudly established itself in India providing a converged platform for wide range of cutting edge solutions.

We, at Ingenios Smart Technologies, are committed to provide our clients a great sense of security towards their personnel, property, premises & assets through automization and "real-time self-reporting system". Process owners can now remotely track and monitor with vital auto-alarms/alerts and 100% availability of data for analytic purpose. May it be mobile assets like Fleet of Vehicles, Vessels, Barges, Personnel, Smartphones etc or stationary assets like Generator, Fuel tanks, Fuel dispenser & Fuel transactions, Inverters, Rectifiers, battery banks, remote-sites like Telecom-towers, data centers, bank branches, ATM booths etc, IST has "End-to-End" State-of-the-art solutions.

Ingenios Smart Technologies has equally excellence in "Security, Fire-Safety & Power Management" in terms of providing BMS & IBMS (Integrated Building Management Systems), School & Bus Security, Solar Power, and whole range of security & Fire-Safety solutions.

We promise our customers to secure their premises & assets, enhance their operational efficiency while reducing their Opex considerably at the same time. We also guarantee our clients a quick ROI over Capex on the deployment of IngeniousSmart Solutions.

Our professionals are billed to provide best advises to protect your premises and assets by offering most cost-effective, energy-efficient & adequate range of IST solutions.

Our Clientele

Our Clientele