Ingenios Smart Technologies is a total Solution Experts company providing Self Service Solutions through Interactive Kiosks, ATMs and Digital Signage Products.

Our services encompass every aspect of customized solutions & design:-

  • Hardware Enclosure Design

  • Software Application Design and Development

  • Flexible Order Volume

  • Complete Deployment Services

Our Market Solutions are : 

Retail Kiosks & Automated Solutions

  • In-store Self Service Solutions

  • Bill Payment / Multiple Bill Payment Solutions

  • Virtual Inventory Display and Management

  • e-Ticketing and Queue Management Kiosks

  • Automated Billing Machine

  • Touch Screen Information Kiosk

  • Standee Kiosk

  • LED Display Solution  (Video wall –RGB, Red LED Display system).

Financial Kiosks & Solutions

  • Banking Kiosk

  • ATM Machine

  • Cash & Check Depositing machine

  • Passbook printer Kiosk

HR / Employee Kiosk Solutions

  • Salary Dispensing Kiosk

  • Employee Information Kiosks

Health Care KioskLibrary Management Kiosk

Library Management Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

Smart & Innovative