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Ingenios Smart Advanced tracking unit with Dual mode communication called "Sat-Smart" is a feature-rich, fully programmable device that delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications both in and out of cellular range. The Sat-Smart is available as cellular-only or as an integrated, dual-mode cellular-satellite device.

For dual-mode applications, fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost cellular coverage and reliable, always-onsatellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service anytime the cellular network is unavailable—all from a single source provider.

The Sat-Smart features a flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions, and the use of configurable software applications for quicker deployments.

This solution is very useful to track and monitor the assets like Boat, Vessels, Barges, Choppers, private jets etc which are always out of GSM/GPRS coverage. This is also a best solutions for forest fleets where Cellular coverage is rare or nil.

Sat-Smart - Advanced Tracking Unit with Dual Mode Satellite / GPRS data Communication