Telematics is literally a combination of the words Telecommunications and Informatics. Telematics, in a broad sense, is any integrated use of telecommunications with information and communications technology. It is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects, such as vehicles, via telecommunication devices.

Ingenios Smart ​GPS Fleet Telematics unit called "Track-Smart" is a way of monitoring the location, movements, status and behavior of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This is achieved through an integrated GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device installed in each vehicle, which then communicates with the user and web-based software.

In addition to location data, Ingenios Smart fleet telematics system provides a list of your vehicles showing the status of each. You’ll know when a vehicle is started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location, speed and optional fuel level monitoring with fuel drop alerts. This information gives you complete, up-to-the-minute knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralized, web-based interface. All of this information helps you:

  • Track and navigate your vehicle at any time and anywhere

  • Track multiple vehicle through single window​

  • Remote Stop/Start vehicle through SMS or Web command

  • Vehicle Fuel Level Monitoring (Optional with introduction of Fuel Level Sensor in Vehicle)

  • Protect from vehicle & fuel theft.

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Labor Costs

  • Control Fuel Costs

  • Improve Customer Service

  • Increase Fleet Safety and Security

  • Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use

  • Different type of reports like start/stop vehicle, speed, over speed alerts, measurement of total distance travelled, etc. can generated

  • Can track vehicle route instantly

  • Driver able to make emergency call.(optional)

  • Rugged construction

  • Instant alert by e-mail or/and SMS

  • Geofencing and POI Alerts

  • Improves driver and vehicle efficiency

Ingenios Smart offers an innovative technology to of GPS Personal Tracking System using Mobile Phones called "MobileTrackSmart".

MobileTrack-Smart is a GPS tracking system, that used any GPS Mobile phones, such as Android Phones and iPhones to track a person or a commodity via web based software and mobile app. MobileTrack-Smart is useful for tracking all kinds of people, for a range of uses and reasons.

MobileTrack-Smart Offers tracking for:

  • Teenagers

  • Drivers/Vehicles

  • Old Age Person

  • Employee




Ingenios Smart Advanced Speed Limiter with tracking unit called "Speedo-Smart" consistently monitors vehicle’s speed and limits the speed to a pre-set point in order to ensure the compliance with road safety directives, while the embedded tracking system  captures real-time vehicle information using GPS (Global Positioning system) and transmits it over GSM/GPRS network to the Web Server. Web-Users can track and monitor their vehicles from anywhere in the world.
It is very useful for those users who want to streamline the process in terms of managing & tracking their fleet.

Speedo-Smart offers features like:

  • Monitors and Limits the vehicle speed to a preset mile or kilometre per hour

  • Real-time tracking of fleet location, speed, alerts/warnings

  • Immobilizing the engine remotely based on preset conditions

  • Track the route travelled by each fleet with details on speed and time. Maintain historical data of fleet travel route, speed & distance travelled

  • Alert notification via SMS/email when fleet enters /exits a pre-defined zone (geo fence), over-speeding, fleet waiting in unspecified location for long time through configurable rule engine

  • Configurable parameters on access rights for each user, SMS /email recipients, escalation matrix, role and privilege management for individual application user

  • On Demand Tracking (as and when required).

Speedo-Smart - Advanced Speed Limiter with Tracking device


Ingenios Smart offers a complete range of most advanced, latest and reliable technology of GPS Personal Tracking System called "PersonalTrackSmart".

PersonalTrack-Smart is a comprehensive and miniature GPS tracking system, which is used to real-time track a person or a commodity via web based software and mobile app. PersonalTrack-Smart is useful for tracking all kinds of people, for a range of uses and reasons, and when investing in such a product it is vital to opt for items which are made using the very latest technology, and offer reliable and comprehensive tracking.

PersonalTrack-Smart Offers tracking for:

  • Kids

  • Patients

  • Old Age Person

  • Employee

  • Pets


MobileTrack-Smart - Mobile Tracking System


​Track-Smart - Fleet Telematics, Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Smart & Innovative

Ingenios Smart Advanced tracking unit called "Data-Smart" is a revolutionary on board data mining unit (additionally with Track-Smart features) that connects directly to the vehicle Engine Control Module - ECM through CANBUS, JBUS, OBD and more.

Data-Smart can read each and every parameters of vehicle engine and bring them live in front of client anywhere in the world for data analytic with auto alert/alarm if any parameter crosses threshold value standards. This helps you take proactive maintenance of a vehicle well on time before a small fault develops a bigger one. This leads to considerably cut-down your Operational cost.

Data-Smart has additional benefits towards tracking, monitoring, controlling and preventive maintenance of the fleet of vehicles. 

PersonalTrack-Smart - A complete Personal and Pet Tracking System


Mile-Smart - Vehicle Mile/Run-Hour Advanced logging device

Sat-Smart - Advanced Tracking Unit with Dual Mode Satellite/GPRS data Communication

Data-Smart - Advanced Tracking Unit with Data Mining System

Ingenios Smart Advanced Mile/Run-Hour logger called "Mile-Smart" consistently monitors and records vehicle’s mile and engine run hour and transmit data to Fuel Management system at the re-fuelling station to provide a customer comprehensive chart of fleet operations cost including mileage of the vehicle.

Mile-Smart is Vehicle Maintenance Tracking system, works alone or in conjunction with all IngeniousSmart fuel management products.

Mile-Smart transmits vehicle miles and engine hours with no user intervention. The vehicle miles and hours can easily be shared with third-party accounting and maintenance software.

Preventive maintenance such as changing oil / oil filters and tires does save on fleet operation and provides better customer service. In addition, knowing the vehicle miles and hours reading while refueling provides mileage per gallon calculation and thus presents a complete overview of your fleet’s main expenses: fuel and tires.

Ingenios Smart Advanced tracking unit with Dual mode communication called "Sat-Smart" is a feature-rich, fully programmable device that delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications both in and out of cellular range. The Sat-Smart is available as cellular-only or as an integrated, dual-mode cellular-satellite device.

For dual-mode applications, fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost cellular coverage and reliable, always-onsatellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service anytime the cellular network is unavailable—all from a single source provider.

The Sat-Smart features a flexible architecture that supports the development of custom applications for more complex solutions, and the use of configurable software applications for quicker deployments.

This solution is very useful to track and monitor the assets like Boat, Vessels, Barges, Choppers, private jets etc which are always out of GSM/GPRS coverage. This is also a best solutions for forest fleets where Cellular coverage is rare or nil.