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Gen-Smart Plus

Many critical locations have come to rely on back-up generators to supply power when there is a power failure, hospitals, financial institutions, oil and gas sites, large skyscrapers to name a few. Generators can vary in size and location and often times they  are in remote locations or areas where the traffic is minimum and visual checks are  hard  to  perform.  Yet  when  the back up power is required it must perform at a moments notice.

Ingenios Smart offers a comprehensive range of Generator Monitoring System called "Gen-Smart" which is a perfect technology for machine to Hi-Tech machine solutions.

Gen-Smart Light is a revolutionary solution to remotely monitor each and every parameters of generators, or group of generators on a single unified platform. You can view live, history data with graphical presentations, remote start/stop capability, Fuel Level measurement, Fuel Refill, Fuel consumption, Engine Run hour and many many more.

Ingenios Smart offers an advanced solution for "Generator Power Monitoring System" called "Gen-Smart Plus" which is an upgraded version of Gen-Smart Light.

Gen-Smart Plus has the capability to connect to Generator controller through MODBUS/RS485 port, and can read as many engine and power parameters as generator can provide or as customer would like to see. This is a complete & perfect solution for Generator plus Fuel Tank remote monitoring solution, that can save huge operational and maintenance cost of an organization.

Gen-Smart Plus Updates each and every live data from Generator like:

  • Gen ON/OFF & Run Hours

  • RPM & Frequency

  • Engine Temperature & Oil Pressure

  • Power Output Per phase & in Total

  • Load Per Phase and Total Load

  • Battery Voltage and Alternator Charging Voltage

  • Fuel Level & Fuel Consumption

  • Fuel Refill and Fuel Theft

  • Auto Alert and alarm through Mail/SMS/Web platform

  • Unified Web-platform for Generator Monitoring

Gen-Smart Light - Generator Monitoring System

Gen-Smart Light

Gen-Smart Plus - Generator Monitoring System